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Another Giveaway!

I just got more jars in ! This is our second shipment of them this year, along with 1,000′s 0f lids .

We are in the process of getting these stacked  in our new bulk area. We moved toys, furniture and gift type items and other things around so we have room now to expand our bulk food line.I’m excited about that!

We have so many requests for more products in bulk , so we want to also stock buckets , mylar bags  and all the stuff that goes with food storage!  If you got something you’d like us to stock , please let us know.


Now, for the giveaway, just in time for more canning! If you do lots of canning  or want to learn how, here is a little boost to get you going!


I’m giving away one (1) case of jars of your choice!

We have the 1/2 gallons, wide mouth and regular mouth quarts , wide mouth and reg. mouth pints, 1 1/2 pint size (NEW), and the 1/2 pints in reg. or quilted crystal.

So, take you pick and enter your name. Sorry ,this is for local pick up at the store  only.

I don’t care if you live in Alaska and want to enter, :) you just have to be able to pick them up here at the store!


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Jars and more Jars! We got ‘em…


It’s about that time of year again!

Ahh, Canning season… about the time that we get summer here in North Idaho, gardens planted and get some camping done, its time to start harvesting : strawberries for yummy jam, green beans          (luv pickling them!) , fresh dug potatoes and then our favorite, CORN.

Canning is alot of work, no doubt about it , but the reward is in knowing where your food comes from and that you did it yourself!

I’ve been canning every summer since I got married . I learned from the best ,  my expert- canner -mother-who- had -a- 1/2 -acre- garden!  We spent HOURS helping her plant,  hoe and then harvest her loot that she hauled in from the garden in  wheelbarrow loads. This was a woman who planted for the joy of it and the best part?   …Taking her wheelbarrow loads of cantelope and cucumbers and zucchini  and you name it , to church and give it away!   But she passed on her love of gardening to her kids , nothing better than digging in the dirt!

But all that canning takes lots of equipment: boxes of jars , lids, stock pots , pressure canners , spices, tongs for lifting out hot jars and lots of food, which can be expensive to buy  if you don’t grow it yourself.

We are blessed to have a local produce stand just down the road from the store that has Washington grown veggies and fruits …pretty local if you ask me! Not to mention 2 blueberry patches with 1/2 hour and all the free berries you can pick in the mountains for jams, pie filling or frozen whole for putting on yogurt!

Back to the jars, check local yard sales and thrift stores for bargains or buy new. We have jars that we stock in all sizes : 1/2 gallon, wide mouth and regular quarts, pints, 1/2 pints , and NEW for this year are the 1 1/2 pints! Perfect for taller stuff like asparagus, and pickled garlic green beans  .  We also carry Ball brand lids in wide mouth and regular mouth . We buy them in bulk sleeves and package them in 2 doz. for your convenience.

This year we  stocked (so far)  :6,264 regular mouth lids, 3,456 wide mouth lids, 108 jars ( 1 1/2 pints ) , 144 jars of pints( reg.)180 jars of wide mouth pints, 180 jars of reg. quarts, 240 wide mouth quarts and 150 jars of  1/2 gallons! That’s a whole lot of canning to be done!

And if you get stuck and have canning questions, check this out!

We advertise on Patrice’s blog . She has a wealth of info on canning anything and everything!

Here is another one: