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Who likes Raisins?

images (36) raisinsI remember , as a kid growing up, devouring raisins by the handful. Mom would never buy those cute, little boxes that hold about a dozen little raisins. No, with a family of 6, it was much cheaper to buy the big bags! Still is…

I still remember when I learned Raisins were dried grapes! Who knew???  Ha, my kids do the same thing! Milk comes from cows and eggs come from chickens , not the grocery store! :)

Here at the store , we have a few different kinds of raisins. The standard Thompson Raisins:   ( we have them in organic too )

- These are the most common variety found in markets, usually made from Thompson seedless grapes. Although they start as green grapes, the fruit naturally darkens as it dries.

Thompson dominates the market, however, it does surpass the other choices when it comes to its health factor.

Although the organic market has become very popular, not everything produced organically is better than non-organic production. Raisins are the exception. Given their harvesting vulnerability, Thompson grapes can be inundated with harsh production methods such as gas excelerated drying techniques, as well as pesticide residue. While Thompson is the most durable grape, it still is a grape nonetheless and grapes have a specific growth window. Therefore, Thompson Organic Jumbo raisins by far surpass conventionally produced Thompson’s. They are a large, juicy, sweet fruit worth the extra money, especially for their pesticide free production rendering them much more accepted by the body.

Flame: Flame raisins seem to be coming back into popular demand. Considered the sweetest raisin on the market, Flame raisins are second in healthiest to Thompson. They are usually not as plump as Thompson’s, but make up for their size in sweetness. They have just as much  iron and potassium

Prima Black Jumbo Raisins: Huge and sweet, just perfect for eating right out of the package!

I couldn’t find out much info online except that they are sweet, i don’t know what variety they are !

Golden Raisins: These are also called muscats and are generally made of white muscat grapes which are seeded, specially oven-dried (rather than by sun), and treated to retain their light color. Some golden raisins are dried Thompson seedless raisins which have been kept light in color by the use of sulfur dioxide.

and the little bitty Currants, which look like raisins, only smaller.

-Currants are dried, dark red, seedless grapes. They are dried to produce a black, tiny shriveled  flavor- packed grape. The grapes were originally cultivated in the south of Greece, and the name currant comes from the ancient city of ‘Corinth’.  Cool , huh? :)

Raisins used to be dried out in the sun ,which is inexpensive , however nowadays  they are mostly dried in mechanical dryers indoors which is probably a good thing with all the pesticides and who know what flying through the air…Oh boy , lets not got there…

AND something I learned from my researching raisins, they are harmful to dogs!  Check it out..

So there you have it! Try it this summer, dry your own out in the sun…a hot cars’ dash  would work excellent! I’ve dried herbs like that before, why not grapes? Kind of a science experiment for my kids…

Now go eat raisins!

Sharon :)