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Oats, not just for horses anymore!

Have you had your bowl of oatmeal today?

Oatmeal , for  a lot  people, is the staple food for breakfast . But , sad to say , I don’t enjoy those mushy flakes! I grew up on Cream of Wheat cereal and lots of eggs, so because I  don’t like it,  I don’t serve it like I should. It sounds so healthy , ya know.

I did find another form of oats that I do like and that is Steel Cut Oats. Its basically an oat groat cut into 2-3 pieces. Tho’ it takes extra cooking time (15-20 minutes)  they are worth it! I like them because its like eating tiny pieces of rice (same texture, maybe??) and you can top them with all kinds of yummy topping: cinnamon, nuts, fruit, use your imagination.

I found a recipe online that i’d like to try sometime. Doesn’t it look delicious?


Here are some interesting “Oat Facts”:

Since the beginning of time, oats has mostly been consumed by humans and animals alike. It was considered a weed like plant, never being as popular as wheat and barley.

The oldest known cultivated oats was found in a cave in Switzerland. Makes me wonder how it got there! Oats didn’t come to North America till the 1600′s, and then it wasn’t even on the mainland, instead being grown on an island off of the coast of Massachusetts.

The United States is one of the leading counties to produce oats, ( which is a good thing in my opinion) ,tho’ some states are producing less since 2000, because of growing a more profitable crop, soybeans. I love eating USA grown products!

Now for the good stuff!

Oats have received a lot of attention for their ability for reducing cholesterol, and being heart- healthy!  They also add fiber . There are many ways you can get the goodness of oats in your diet.
…From oat bran , oat groats, steel cut,  quick cook, regular oats, thick and probably more that I mentioned here!

Here are some ideas for using them and  getting  some oats into your kiddos (if they don’t like oats). Disguise it !

-Add the bran in homemade bread

-mix some into meat loaf

- make fruits crisps, add lots of oats in your topping

So even tho’ I don’t feed my family oatmeal in the mornings, I make sure they get their oats in the form of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies!  :)  That counts , doesn’t it?