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I think spring just MIGHT , notice  I said MIGHT have come early to us this year! :)  We have had some lovely 60° days and the crocuses and tulips are pushing their way to the sun.  This gets me in the gardening mood big time. I love to go see what overwintered in my  garden and see what needs replanted and dug up as my perennials expand their beds. I have a thistle problem that I have to nip in the bud!

Here at the store, we have garden seeds in stock and more spring things coming . We have seed potatoes in stock and garden gloves to protect your hands! :) Back to the seeds, have you ever planted Heirloom seeds? I have carried the Baker Creek Seeds now for 3 years and i’m impressed with the dedication they have to preserve these old seeds. Visit their website for a very interesting read on the history of each seed. Better yet , get their catalog, full of color pictures and lots of stories.


                                        Aren’t they lovely?019.21-Hollyhock-Alcea-Rosea-Queeny-230-173


MMmmm, these make my mouth water!




We also have some “spring” cake sprinkles in stock, perfect for a picnic or party on the lawn!  If you prefer sprinkling sugar, we carry it in a variety of colors, from pink, blue, green, red, yellow to black or white! It looks lovely on a cupcake.



If you like candy , we have a lot of gummy candy in stock that is “springlike”. Gummy flowers, our new gummy  frogs, pastel mints, gummy worms, gummy eggs ( in peach flavor , yum ) and our new grapefruit bears !

Tropical frogs

Tropical frogs

I hope I didn’t get excited too early about spring! Its been known to elude us entirely too long in our neck of the woods! But I can dream and start seeds and hopefully i am wrong …I’ll let you know in a month or too :)

Happy spring!








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